Crystals Bundles

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  • 4 crystals per pack 

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Hand made Studio Crystal bundles. Send some love, resilience or focus energy to your friends and family. Or keep them as a gift to yourself. 

Love - Jade, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Amazonite 
This collection promotes love in the form of self love, friendship, and protective energy. The crystals can create feelings of comfort and have heart healing and soothing properties. 
Resilience  - Citrine, Amethyst, Jade, Moss Agate 
This collection supports you with immune boosting properties, and provides protection from strains. These crystals help to revitalise and recover the mind and body from stress, aiding feelings of balance and grounding. 
Focus - Blue Quartz, Dragons Blood, Black Obsidian, Fluorite 
This collection is a bundle of personal power, providing strength, courage and purpose. These crystals support the thought process, providing and provoking ideas.