The Sleep Easy Kit

The Sleep Easy Kit

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Perfect your night time routine with our Sleep Easy kit!  Having a bedtime routine can be essential to our wellbeing and overall sleep quality.  So why do so many of us neglect getting a good night's rest?  Give yourself some self care and perfect your bedtime routine with the help of our Sleep Easy kit.  Sink into a blissful night's sleep with these three products that help you to relax, restore and sleep easy.

What’s included in the kit?

  • Spacemasks Self Heating Jasmine Infused Eye Mask
  • Eve & Keel Surrender Essential Oil Roller
  • Lani Tropical Night Serum

Ease in to sleep with this peaceful bedtime routine..

Do you struggle to get to sleep?  We’ve got the perfect solution and you don’t need to start counting sheep.  With these five simple steps you’ll be feeling calm, rested and ready to sleep.

  1. Wash the day away by removing makeup and cleansing the face.  Apply Lani’s Tropical Night Serum to help deeply hydrate your skin overnight.  Reducing the appearance of wrinkles, helping to restore skin's elasticity and replenishing moisture and nutrients.  It’s beauty sleep in a bottle! 

How to use: Gently apply the serum in circular upward motions allowing it to nourish and sink into the skin.

  1. Wind down from your day with a quick 10 minute meditation.  Meditation can help us to release worry, find peace and acceptance for the day that has passed and help us enter into a state of calmness.  The perfect reset for your mind and body.

  1. Combine your meditation with Eve and Keel’s Surrender Essential Oil Roller.  Made with organic ingredients, this essential oil and healing crystal blend helps you to say goodbye to your worries and promotes deep relaxation.  Allow the soothing lavender and citrus scents to calm the mind and indulge the senses.

How to use: Apply the roller ball to pulse points on the temples and wrists for calming scents all night long.

  1. Stretch out the day with a few relaxing yoga poses such as Child's Pose, Spinal Twists and Happy Baby.  These stretches help to release tension from key areas of built up tension such as the hips, lower back and spine.  This release allows the body to come into a deeper state of mindful relaxation.  

  1. Take your relaxation to another world by popping on your Self Heating Jasmine Infused Eye Mask as you get into bed.  Close your eyes and allow the soothing scent and gentle heat to melt away tension, soften the eyes and carry you into the perfect night's rest.

How to use: Place the eye mask over your eyes and feel the magic start to work, helping you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated in just 15 minutes.


All that's left to do is allow yourself to drift off into your dreamiest nights sleep yet..

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