Gift Sets

Gift Sets

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Looking for the perfect gifts? We’ve got what you need. From a motivational gift, to the perfect nights sleep. 5 bundles - 5 great gifts. See what we have below.



Feel At Home

This 3 piece home accessory bundle contains a great range of modern, decorative homeware to make your living space your own. 

This Feel At Home Bundle includes:

A3 Palm & Lyra Yoga Print

Add a touch of Boho style to your walls with the A3 Yoga Print, the simple outline illustration gives off a modern, contemporary feel. 

Harmonising Atmosphere Mist

Create the perfect atmosphere with the Harmony mist, designed to help create balance in the mind and body, whilst giving an uplifting boost to those who inhale it. 

A Studio Luxury Diffuser

Lasting approximately 4-6 months, the luxury diffuser will infiltrate your home with the sweet blend of Creed Aventos inspired Fragrance


New Skin Set

These three products make for the perfect skincare routine. Whether it's for you or somebody else, they will leave the skin hydrated, soft and glowing. The 3 everyday essentials your skin can't live without. 

Your kit includes:

Coffee Face Scrub

Acts as a gentle exfoliator for skin that suffers from dehydration and dry spells.

Tropical Super Serum

Keeps the skin looking plump and reduces the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

Organic Body Scrub Melts

Make bath time the best time, the exfoliation melts are designed to brighten the skin and give you that glow! 

How to use: Run yourself a bath and fill it with the body scrub melts, for an extra exfoliation experience take the coffee scrub and use it especially for your face. To finish, rinse and apply the tropical super serum for an ultra glowing plump look.


The Sleep Easy Kit

This kit includes:

Self-Heating Jasmine Infused Eye Mask

If you struggle to shut down, or relax then the self heating sleep mask will do the job in just 15 minutes. Feel relaxed and restore your energy. 

Surrender Roller 

Feeling over-whelmed? Then this wonderful Surrender Roller can be applied to both your wrists and temple to help rid you of tension and stress and help restore a calm mind.

Tropical Night Serum

Know that you're getting the ultimate beauty sleep with the Tropical Night Serum. Deeply hydrate your skin overnight to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and restore skin elasticity.

How to use: Find a comfy spot, apply the tropical serum to kick start that beauty sleep cycle, roll on the lavender and citrus infused essential oil and pop on your eye mask for the ultimate relaxation! 



You Got This

Everybody benefits from a little lift every now and then. With this bundle, you will be giving the gift of wellness and protection for whenever you feel somebody needs a boost of motivation and reassurance, or support your own self care routine with compassion and kindness.

This bundle Includes: 

Amethyst Bracelet

Feel protected and at ease against stresses and strains with the Amethyst bracelet, wear it to promote a state of calmness, clarity and focus.

You Got This Mood Boosting Candle - Sea Kelp

Refresh and lift your mood with the soothing Sea Kelp candle, feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders and you're on your way to having a calm, clear mind.

How to use: Send as a gift, or keep for yourself. Light the candle at home or work when in need of a refreshing little lift, then wear the bracelet on your travels to feel protected on your path. 

Eco Dental Care Kit 

This all in one eco dental kit contains a range of everyday essentials to help maintain excellent oral hygiene, and take care of your smile with fresh bursts of mint. 

Your kit includes: 

120 Organic Toothpaste Tablets

Completely eco friendly and free from chemicals

180 Organic Mouthwash Tablets

Designed to restore the pH balance to your mouth as well as help maintain daily freshness and good oral health

Beechwood Organic Toothbrush 

Organically made from Beachwood trees with a snap off head to make it completely recyclable

How to use: Chew a singular toothpaste tablet to begin the natural foaming process and begin to brush with your eco friendly Beechwood toothbrush. Finish off with an extra burst of freshness by chewing a mouthwash tablet with a glass of water. 

*Bonus* Once you're ready to replace your kit, the products and the packaging can be recycled as it's 100% suitable for home composting.  




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